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Pennants - SOLD, AVAIL, RSVD
Pennants - SOLD, AVAIL, RSVD
Pennants - SOLD, AVAIL, RSVD
Pennants - SOLD, AVAIL, RSVD

Pennants - SOLD, AVAIL, RSVD

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Sold, AVAIL and RSVD Pennants with white copy
When buttons and stickers are too large to place on your site map, these pennants are a wonderful alternative. At 1 1/4" tall, they rise above the rest of your map to let your customers know the status of your lot while only needing a needle-size space to stand. And the pennant shaped piece with solid background and white text is sure to grab their attention!

Or grab a Combo Pack with 50 Sold Pennants, AVAIL Pennants and RSVD Pennants here.
These pennants also work great with 3D topo maps.

Comes in convenient packages of 50 or 100.

Wall mount items come with double-sided foam tape, for easy installation. Exterior post and panel signs ship pre-drilled but not include hardware (nails or screws available upon reques). Exterior signs and flag poles requiring specific installation methods come with easy to follow instructions and installation hardware.
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